Ghaiath Hussein is now a member of MSF – ERB

Ghaiath Hussein is now officially a member of the Ethics Review Board of Medicins Sans Frontiers. “The MSF-ERB is composed of a diverse group of professionals coming from different continents, with an understanding of humanitarian and NGO realities.“ MSF ERB Website It was a long journey. It started in North Darfur as a ‘field supervisor’Continue reading “Ghaiath Hussein is now a member of MSF – ERB”

Training with SAMA in Sudan

Sudan has this unique magic of keeping you pulled to it no matter how little or how hard you have lived in it. I had the privilege to meet with brilliant minds who represent a very promising, well-committed, and a successful example of how Sudanese can help wherever they are. The Sudanese American Medical AssociationContinue reading “Training with SAMA in Sudan”