A tough question about my PhD

Hello Ghaiath, Wish you are fine! I was reviewing the suggestions you discussed in our previous emails and I would like if you elaborate more on a point you mentioned and is related to your PhD thesis. The point is related to the concept of moving from ‘research on’ to ‘research with’ the participants. You indicated… Read More ›

التخطيط باستعمال مخطط جانت Gannt Chart- من الصفر للاحتراف

في هذا اللقاء نجيب باختصار عن 3 أسئلة:ما هو مخطط جانت؟لماذا استعمله في تخطيط المهام مقارنة بأدوات أخرى؟كيف أصمم مخطط لمشروعي بدون شراء برمجيات جديدة أو دخول دورة تدريبية وأبدا من الصفر؟أخيرا نناقش بعض الأخطاء التي يجب تحاشيها في التعامل مع مخطط جانت

Research Ethics Guidelines: A summary and a critical reading

This is a part of a lecture on ‘international’ research ethics guidelines presented by Dr Saleh Al-Ghamdi, currently a student in the Master of Bioethics (MBE) program, Prince Sattam bin Abdulaziz University. It is mostly in English. Dr Alghamdi provides a good summary for some of the most known and used international guidelines. In the… Read More ›

Are they patients or customers?

Can we treat patients as customers? In this episode, I discuss the following points:1- How the relationship between the doctors and the patients moved from trust-based to rights-based?2- What pushed the healthcare system towards a business model?3- What could be ethically problematic if we treat patients as customers?Then, I offer a few suggestions on how… Read More ›

To do or not to do?

Bioethics tries to help researchers and practitioner to answer 3 main questions:1- What should we do?2- Why we should do it (and not the other alternative)?3- How to do it? In this episode, we try to summarize the main philosophical schools of thought by deconstructing the act into 4 main components: The Act, the Doer… Read More ›

مبروك كسبت معنا جوال!

مبروك كسبت معنا جوال! هل نعطي المشاركين في البحوث مقابل مالي لمشاركتهم؟ من المعضلات التي تواجه الباحثين قلة المشاركين وضعف الاستجابة للاستبانات فيفكرون بطرق لقلبها وتشجيعهم ومن بينها حوافز مثل الدخول على سحب او كشف مجاني في عيادة، فما مدى أخلاقية هذه الممارسة؟


“I am working on a legacy that goes beyond the numbers of visitors and subscribers” Ghaiath Hussein The aim of this ‘new’ channel of communication with you is to expand my reach to as many as possible to those who do not speak Arabic. I have dedicated to be for the Arabic content and… Read More ›


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