You won the draw! Is it ethical to pay our research participants?

Given the overcrowded research market where many researchers are competing over the same participants, researchers are considering novel ways to recruit them One way is to make some form of incentive, like draw on a prize, or a voucher, or a free visit to a clinic. In this video I discussed this practice from anContinue reading “You won the draw! Is it ethical to pay our research participants?”


“I am working on a legacy that goes beyond the numbers of visitors and subscribers” Ghaiath Hussein The aim of this ‘new’ channel of communication with you is to expand my reach to as many as possible to those who do not speak Arabic. I have dedicated to be for the Arabic content andContinue reading “WELCOME TO GHAIATH.COM”

Ghaiath Hussein is now a member of MSF – ERB

Ghaiath Hussein is now officially a member of the Ethics Review Board of Medicins Sans Frontiers. “The MSF-ERB is composed of a diverse group of professionals coming from different continents, with an understanding of humanitarian and NGO realities.“ MSF ERB Website It was a long journey. It started in North Darfur as a ‘field supervisor’Continue reading “Ghaiath Hussein is now a member of MSF – ERB”